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espaços incendiados da Reitoria da Universidade do Porto

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23 abril a 31 agosto 09



Aftermath and Resonance! is a speculative project thinking through the spaces wounded during the fire of May 08 at the Rectorate of the University of Porto.

Aftermath and Resonance!
is a modest approach, with an austere language, and is made public as a modality of spatial installation and as a publication. The project is born from the fascination for the accident itself, but rejects the spectacle of the catastrophe. It is a research onto the anti-spectacle and onto normality, sounding out the resonances of a non conventional space, performing the rawness and the materiality of the aftermath, and documenting it all through different media (video, photography, sound and space). A spatial essay is exhibited in an installative modality, interpreting and reenacting the consolidation process of the existing spaces through documentary records and materials that a group of contemporary authors collected in the aftermath.

Aftermath and Resonance!
is a spatial essay about the potentialities and the metaphorical dimensions of exhibiting in “non conventional” spaces. The publication will document the projects presented and will be complemented by essays on the ideas of institution, fiction and contingency.

A collaborative project of
André Cepeda (photographs), Paulo Mendes (videos), Inês Moreira (curator and spatial concept) and Jonathan Saldanha (sound).
Catalogue with essays:
Aneta Szylak, Pedro Bandeira, Inês Moreira